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The frame flat screens are made from metal. The wire cloth is rigidly bonded to a perforated metal panel which will prolong the screen life.


Electro Resistance Welding – Pressure and heat fuse the intersecting wires into a homogeneous grid and fix all wires in their proper position ...

Expanded Metal is formed in an expanding press. The basic metal is simultaneously slit and cold-formed, which expands the slits into diamond shaped...

Perforated Sheet is a metal sheet been perforated with different type of the hole & shape. Hole patterns are different choice made by customers....

This kind of fence is very popular with many customers. Using high quality steel as raw material, the welded panels is very strong and ensure a...

Bar grating is the most popular bar grating due to its strength, low cost, and ease of installation.
It is used in a wide variety of applications


Fixed knot fence is formed with continuous vertical and horizontal wires, wrapped in a fixed knot with a third wire. It provides the strength and rigidity ....


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Hebei Wire Mesh & Filter Products Co., Ltd. is a specialized shale shaker screen manufacturer located in Hebei China. With more than 15 years’ endeavor, the company has developed 7 series of wire mesh & filter products. Such as shale shaker screens, stainless steel wire cloth series, wire mesh fence series, architectural mesh series, filters series, insect screen series, metal wire series.
Our knowledgeable technical department & excellent sales department will help you solve your problems encountered during manufacturing.

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